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Begin with a room flooded with natural light; add a view of a cityscape, or a park (makes no difference), combine that with indoor plants and access to great coffee and you have created an office environment that South Africans love – according to a poll by Inspiration office, 2016. Next, take a workstation that offers reticulation and place a platform* on top. Essentially placing power connections within arms-length (no more climbing under a desk to power up a laptop) and a monitor at the ideal eye level. Add screens to create some privacy and reduce visual distractions. Mix in a few stand-up meeting tables or booths for spontaneous collaborations. Then position the workstations to avoid monitor glare, and such that the traffic or flow of people between workstations, the water-cooler, the restrooms and the printer is optimised. That is the recipe for a rejuvenated office, that motivates and facilitates productivity.


RE-ORGANISE & ELEVATE Combine different storage units in a variety of different ways to create a solution that is both functional and user specific. The elevate storage range combines effortlessly with evolution desking, sharing the same clean lines, and combination of steel and wood. The elevation off the floor makes the storage seem light and modern, it also makes for easy cleaning.
WORK LOUNGE – THE 3RD SPACE A “desk job” is a thing of the past. With the rise in mobile technology and a workforce population that is increasingly driven and inspired by people engagement and a constant flow of information, the modern office looks and functions very differently from the traditional assigned-workstation layouts. The third space, typically coffee shops, airport lounges or hotel lobby’s, is more frequently being incorporated into the modern office. This provides employees with comfortable break-out areas where they can easily connect, recharge and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee whilst remaining engaged with work assignments. Research tells us that employees want more flexibility in how, when, and where they work. By providing them with areas that influence and encourage spontaneous engagements and interactions you can build a healthy office culture and cultivate both a sense of freedom and belonging.
SIMPLIFY INTERACTION Web or video conference calls between remote teams have become a daily occurrence in most offices, fuelled by the technological improvements and faster connectivity. On average, businesses that utilise web conferencing save up to 30% in travel expenses. Another trend in the office is standup meetings. Studies have shown that standing meetings are, on average, 34% shorter than seated meetings (Turnstone 2017).
Whether you need to create a space dedicated to presentations, brainstorming sessions, scheduled meetings, spontaneous meetings and impromptu team collab’s or all of the above, we have a solution for your office and your team’s meeting style.
THIS IS ME… IN A NUTSHELL “The need for privacy sometimes—at work as well as in public—is as basic to human nature as is the need to be with others,” explains Donna Flynn, director of Steelcase’s WorkSpace Futures research group. “The harder people work collaboratively, the more important it is to also have time alone—to be free from distractions, apply expertise and develop a solid point of view about the challenges at hand. People also need privacy to decompress and recharge.” (360 Magazine, 2014) Noise and lack of speech privacy can create a workplace full of distraction. Offering employees the option of doing focused work from a Cocoon Pod or Booth (pictured left) minimizes visual and noise stimuli and makes work easy with localised power and a work surface for a laptop or writing pads.


This has been paraphrased and expanded on in many articles about ergonomics and health in the workplace. The uptake in height adjustable desks has been fuelled by Mobile technology – your watch is most likely about to remind you that it’s time to move – and some European countries have even recently made it legal for companies to provide employees with desks that give them the option to work while standing. The uptake of Height adjustable desk solutions is definitely starting to increase in South Africa. The Rize Desk frame is imported from Europe, it carries a 2-year Guarantee and has quick yet steady, electric powered, height adjustability from 650 – 1300mm, and a length variation of 1200 – 2000mm. “

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